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Chris's 1967 Mustang Coupe

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Our customer Chris e-mailed the following with the attached pictures. We at Fiberglass are very pleased he is happy with the product and fit and wanted to share.

"Really happy with how it came out...not trying to create a clone, just incorporating the aspects of the 67 68 I like the most..e.g. taillights, left them alone.

Also, this is your hood on here too. The finish quality of your glass was superb, required very little work on slicking it out. And this is not an expensive paint job as i...ts as street car that is gonna get flogged on the track too. I didn’t put a lot of money in the paint.

I did to the body work myself, paid a guy to shoot it. The quarter caps, scoops and lid do require a lot of sanding to fit, but that’s good as it allowed me to work it down to get it to fit really well.

Finishing assembly now, should have it going this spring.Just need to put it all together.

Great stuff, thanks. Chris."

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